A long time has gone by. How do mothers keep blogs? Maybe the blog is their only project after their offspring. They’re not also trying to publish piano duets, sing in choirs or attempting to save the world through the medium of song. Maybe they’ve discovered the ability to stop time at will. I’d like to keep some sort of record of how it was in these fleeting early years. Even if they don’t feel fleeting at the time.

BB is one year and a half. She is a blooming bouncing beautiful bossy girl. Perhaps I should call her BBBB. It’s great to see her face appearing out of the babyness. So many complex expressions flitting across her perfect face. She sometimes calls me Mummy. Sometimes Mammma sounding very Italian, lingering on the mmm and swooping up and down in tone. She just started walking, just figuring out that it’s easier to use your feet to transport yourself across a room than waddle along on your poor, sore knees.

We did sort out her sleep patterns, simple really – stop breastfeeding her in the morning. The trouble is I’ve heard that ending breastfeeding can make you extra fertile. It certainly worked for us. Ooh lordy, there’s a second one on the way.